Cleaning professionals in the education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, industrial and office facilities industries benefit from over 50 models of high-value commercial floor maintenance equipment. As Hines Corporation’s cornerstone company, Pacific Floorcare takes pride in its heritage and experience, as well as our leading technology and design of today.

Pacific Floorcare designs and manufactures commercial floor maintenance equipment that are Purpose Built® in the USA tools for cleaning professionals.


Small Spaces Daily Cleaner

The QS-12 Quick Scrub

The Quick Scrub replaces the mop, bucket, and wringer and the need for scheduled restorative cleaning. Featuring patent pending innovations for increased speed and performance, this daily clean machine is the industry’s only solution to cleaner, safer, and soil-free tight space environments. No longer is there a need for wet floor or area closed signs.

Auto Scrubbers

RS28 Rider Auto Scrubbers

The RS28 rider auto scrubbers are feature rich, packed with innovation, and are best in class with end user needs in mind. These versatile machines combine unmatched machine engineered features, high valued user friendly operations, and a need for speed performance..

S-20 Orbital Auto Scrubber

The highest down pressure in its category, and is the only one protected by a comprehensive machine warranty

S-20 Disk Auto Scrubber

Features specifications and attributes you would find in the premium price ranges, but at a mid-market price.

S-28 Orbital Auto Scrubber

Patented orbital scrubbing technology truly delineates itself with its chemical-free finish removal capabilities;

S-28 Disk Auto Scrubber

Delivering massive labor and material cost reductions and improved indoor air quality versus traditional stripping methods.

S-32 Disk Auto Scrubber

The first integrated automatic wet battery protection system,260 AH Wet Batteries,HEPA Filtration, 65 dBA, and on-board chemical dispensing.

S-24XM Disk Auto Scrubber

 Powerful cleaning with 60 & 90 lb. down pressure positions, 360 rpm brush speed, Batteryshield® – automatic wet battery protection system, and 155 AH Wet Batteries

VS15 L-ION Upright Scrubber

The perfect machine for cleaning restrooms & confined spaces

Floor Machines

FM-20ORB Orbital

A powerhouse delivering the highest combination of down pressure and rpm in the industry.


The EHD unit includes an extreme-duty TEFC motor, solid steel, harsh duty gear box and coupler system and optional 40 pound weight kit.

FM-28ORB Orbital

Instant handle adjustment from the operator position, optional HEPA dust control system and below 69 dBA

B-1500 Burnisher

Delivering pad tip speeds over 7,850 ft/min, convenient and instant handle adjustment from the operator position, carbon brush wear indicators

FM-17HD & FM-20HD

The industry’s first “safe start” indicator, less than 58 dBa noise levels and instantly adjustable handle. 

FM-17DS & FM-20DS

Bringing new ingenuity to the industry’s most essential tool.   Features dual Speeds at 175 rpm or 300 rpm. 

Multi Surface Machines


The light weight, strong, and powerful design will tackle the biggest tasks in the smallest spaces.  Freedom to move with cordless, fast-charging lithium-ion battery technology


Dual action orbital floor machine is truly unique multi-purpose machine with the benefit of lithium-ion battery technology.


The dual action scrub head orbits and rotates to provide an unprecedented cleaning result.  With the MSE-19 ORB, you are free move from one surface to another.  

Vacuums & Sweepers

RSW28 & SW26 Sweeper Vacuums

The SW26 and RSW28 vacuum sweepers feature specifications and innovations that are best in class with end user needs in mind. These unique vacuum sweepers have unmatched machine engineered features, high valued productivity, with simplicity in mind.

V12ES & V15ED

Powerful vacuum capabilities with the dynamically balanced 5,000 rpm brush roller for great cleaning effectiveness. 


The patented dual brush system releases tough soils and the filtration system achieves efficiency of 99% at 0.5 microns.


Onboard tools and available with an optional attachment which converts the SW20B into a encapsulation carpet cleaner.


18-gallon wet/dry vacuum with the impressive tilt-to-drain feature. This vacuum is a step above the rest.


Ultra-light battery backpack vacuum has been designed in detail to achieve high performance with ergonomic and comfort in mind.


The SCE-20 was engineered to provide exceptional reliability, durability and longevity. With its intuitive ergonomic controls, operators will experience efficient, effective productivity even on stubborn soiled floors.

Air Assisted Sprayers


The Pacific AM-15 Air Assisted Spraying Machine is a powerful, consistent, and versatile unit for nearly every surface. Use for daily disinfecting of floors, walls, ceilings and more.

  • Hallways, Banquet areas, Rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Classrooms, Weight rooms, Locker rooms, Restrooms
  • Health clubs
  • Transportation
  • Class A office buildings
  • Supermarkets, Carts
  • Municipalities
  • Sports & Recreational complexes