The Pacific Promise

Pacific Floorcare designs and manufactures commercial floor maintenance equipment that are Purpose Built® in the USA tools for cleaning professionals.

Pacific Floorcare® is dedicated to providing quality, innovative floor care equipment to our valued customers and end users. Our Purpose Built philosophy has us committed to giving building service contractors, facility managers and cleaning professionals the best, most efficient products in the industry.

Cleaning professionals in the education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, industrial and office facilities industries benefit from over 50 models of high-value commercial floor maintenance equipment. As Hines Corporation’s cornerstone company, Pacific Floorcare takes pride in its heritage and experience, as well as our leading technology and design of today.

Pacific’s orbital automatic scrubber technology addresses both finish maintenance and cleanliness by having the highest down pressures, large motors and a full 2-year, 1,200-hour scrub head warranty protection, which is not offered by any other competitor. This orbital technology also allows for floor finish to be removed in one pass, without chemicals, saving customers thousands in labor costs and material over the life of the machine.

In addition, Pacific Floorcare pioneered an industry-first technology called BatteryShield® to address the #1 cost and nuisance issue facing owners of battery-powered cleaning equipment: the early failure of batteries due to low water damage. BatteryShield® makes damaging a wet-battery pack due to low water levels nearly impossible by preventing the machine’s cleaning functions when the water levels are too low. This is not only a major cost savings for customers, but it is a significant environmentally green benefit as well. Lead acid batteries are considered hazardous material, and the longer they last, the fewer that will end up in our landfills. The system also greatly enhances safety by eliminating the risk of exposing workers to harsh battery acid.

Pacific Floorcare’s product line is a testament to smart engineering focused on helping their customers increase health and safety while also helping them to be fiscally and environmentally responsible.

Committed to the best cleaning products possible since