Cleaning Contractors

At Pacific Floorcare®, we focus primarily on the needs of local BSCs – these are small to medium cleaning contractors that serve on a more local basis. We feel we are uniquely positioned to be a preferred supplier to local BSCs because we are like them – we are a locally owned company that can bring U.S. designed products to them at affordable prices. We don’t have stockholders to answer to and we can ensure a value price-point rather than a premium price.

By being of the same breed, we know that the daily lives of local BSC owners, operations managers or crew leaders can be extremely challenging. One minute you are serving a healthcare client and the next you are talking to a grocery store manager – to say the least, “trial by fire” is an understatement and it requires the right tools to do the job and ensure your customer’s satisfaction.

Pacific Floorcare’s product line has key attributes that make the BSCs job easier while delivering a higher service level. High filtration, low noise, superior cleaning performance and chemical-free finish removal (available on the S-Series scrubbers, FM-20HD & FM-28ORB orbital floor machines) are just a few examples.

BSCs continue to grow in importance across many markets as companies and organizations outsource their cleaning duties.

“The S-28 scrubber’s higher rpm and larger 1.0 hp motors definitely cleans better than any machine I have used before.”

David Peter

Contract Manager, Enviro-Clean


Cleaning Contractors

Building Services – Preferred Equipment

S-32 Disk Auto Scrubber

The first integrated automatic wet battery protection system,260 AH Wet Batteries,HEPA Filtration, 65 dBA, and on-board chemical dispensing.

FM-28ORB Floor Machine

A powerhouse delivering the highest combination of down pressures & rpm

WAV-30 Wide-Area Vacuum

Most affordable combination of performance and convenience features on the market.

FM-17HD & FM-20HD Floor Machines

New ingenuities to the industry’s most essential tool.