Bio based chemicals, specialized pads & Pacific auto scrubbers

The special PAC chemical composition cleans floors by lifting soils and leaving behind a microscopic polishing and protective agent on concrete, terrazzo, VCT and LVT flooring. Combined with the PAC chemical products, a specialized set of pads and the Pacific auto scrubbers provide unparalleled floor care programs that reduce labor, cut costs, and improve appearance.






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PAC System Program Benefits

1) No burnishing – labor/chemical savings, capital expense savings
2) Reduced or No floor stripping – labor/chemical savings
3) Restorative, interim, or optimized floor care programs – tailor to your needs
4) Ease of implementation & training – the operator uses daily cleaning processes with the outline chemical & pads


Components of the PAC System

1) The unique plant bio-based chemical lifts soils and suspends, leaving a microscopic particles that fill scratches in the floor to create a polished and protected surface.
2) The long lasting pads hold and press the chemical into the floor surface to hone, polish and clean. Unlike wasteful competitive pads that allow chemical to pass through and vacuum into the machine recovery tank.
3) Pacific auto scrubbers are engineered with best in class down pressure and pad rpm to maximize effectiveness and reduce time to achieve desired results.

plant bio-based chemicals that are environmentally friendly and effective.

The special chemical composition cleans floors by lifting soils and leaving behind a microscopic polishing and protective agent. This process through regular cleaning leaves a shiny and protected floor surface.

Pacific Floorcare’s PAC Chemical System provides a complete solution

PAC Extend

Biobased Neutral Floor
Cleaner & Protectant

PAC Catalog

1:256 Dilution Ratio

PAC Extend is a plant-based neutral floor cleaner and protectant. Used with auto scrubber or mop/bucket application on all finished and all “No Finish” floors.

  • Finished VCT
  • Finished & Unfinished LVT
  • Finished Terrazzo
  • Finished & Unfinished Sheet Vinyl
  • Finished & Unfinished Linoleum
  • Rubber
  • Ice melt neutralizer

PAC Transform

Biobased Floor
Cleaner & Protectant

PAC Catalog

1:128 Dilution Ratio

PAC Transform Plant-based floor cleaner and protectant is for auto scrubber application only on unfinished terrazzo/concrete/stone with a dilution ratio of 1 ounce per gallon

  • Unfinished Terrazzo +30K Sq Ft
  • Polished Concrete
  • Unfinished Natural Stone
  • Unfinished Ceramic Tile

PAC Remove

Butyl-free, alkaline
heavy duty cleaner

PAC Catalog

1:32 Dilution Ratio

PAC Remove is a Green Seal Certified butyl-free, alkaline detergent that removes embedded soil from hard floors as well as ink, marker & graffiti from hard surfaces. Great for cleaning greases from kitchen floors and surfaces.

Various dilution ratios to meet cleaning needs. Meets Green Seal Standard G5-37

  • 1:80 for daily cleaning
  • 1:32 for deep scrubbing
  • 1:7 for power spray & wipe

The Pac System pads are designed for extra long life!

The PAC System pads are designed to hold the PAC cleaning chemical, pushing the chemical into the floor surface for better cleaning and polishing results.

The PAC System pads are proven to produce results that exceed expectations

Starting with rough concrete? Click here

The LUSTR 1 is wet pad designed to remediate and restore the appearance of rough concrete floors. Use the LUSTR 1 pad at the start of your PAC Transform rough concrete treatment process. After using the LUSTR 1 pad to smooth out the concrete, proceed using the LUSTR 2 pad and continue through the floor care process as outlined in the PAC Transform brochure.

LUSTR Data Sheet

PAC Transform Brochure

LUSTR 2 & 3

Remediate & Restore

LUSTR Data Sheet

The LUSTR 2 & 3 are wet pads designed to remediate and restore the appearance of polished concrete and terrazzo floors.  LUSTR pads are an ecological, economical and durable solution that will return the floor to its original shine and clarity.  

Use with:
PAC Transform

Ultra Shine

Scrub & Recoat Floors

Ultra Shine Data Sheet

The Ultra Shine pad produces a highly reflective shine.   The result is a nice brilliant finish that leaves the floor looking really clean and shiny. No requirement for labor-intensive waxes and coatings and will keep floors looking good longer.

Use with:
PAC Transform, PAC Remove


For Topical Finished Floors

EcoCare Data Sheet

The EcoCare is created using a dense, non-scratch material that efficiently removes particles without scratching the surface.  The density allows for the prevention of larger abrasive debris from catching into the material potentially gouging the floor.

Use with:
PAC Transform, PAC Extend

Ultra Prep

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning

Ultra Prep Data Sheet

Ultra Prep pads are engineered to help manage and remove surface damage and stains on coated floors. Avoid using expensive, labor intensive waxes and coatings. Ultra Prep tackles those difficult areas with ease and keeps coated floors looking good longer.

Use with:
PAC Remove

Pacific Floorcare auto scrubbers are designed with best in class specifications.

Pacific’s S & RS series scrubbers the perfect match for the PAC System. The high pad rpm cleans more effectively and polishes the floor.  High down pressure significantly increases cleaning effectiveness to shorten the need time to clean to obtain results.

The Pacific S & RS Series auto scrubbers are durable workhorses that deliver efficient productivity

S-20 Disk Auto Scrubber

Features specifications and attributes you would find in the premium price ranges, but at a mid-market price.

S-28 Disk Auto Scrubber

Delivering massive labor and material cost reductions and improved indoor air quality versus traditional stripping methods.

S-32 Disk Auto Scrubber

The first integrated automatic wet battery protection system,260 AH Wet Batteries,HEPA Filtration, 65 dBA, and on-board chemical dispensing.

RS28 Rider Auto Scrubber

Feature rich, packed with innovation, and are best in class with end user needs in mind. High valued user friendly operations, and a need for performance.


PAC System Support Documents


PAC Extend

(PAC Transform & PAC Remove FAQs coming soon)

Pacific PAC Extend is a biobased daily floor cleaner that both cleans and protects the surface of floors. It is recommended when caring for VCT floors that are protected with floor finish as well as “no finish” floors such as LVT, rubber, Marmoleum, etc. With regular use PAC Extend gradually removes soil embedded in the floor’s pores and surface imperfections that, over time, will darken and damage
a floor. PAC Extend displaces this soil and then fills these voids. This process slows re-soiling and helps maintain a cleaner, safer and more attractive appearance.

How Long Before We See Results?
Improvement in appearance is gradual & peeks at 4-6 weeks of use

Is PAC Extend a Floor Finish?
No. PAC Extend is a neutral cleaner and contains no acrylic polymers commonly found in floor finish

Will PAC Extend Make the Floor Slippery?
No. Slippery floors are often dirty floors. With its ability to remove even difficult soils, VCT floors cleaned with Linpol Gloss have shown to be more slip resistant than those maintained with conventional neutral cleaners

Can I Remove PAC Extend From the Floor?
Yes. Before re-coating with floor finish, PAC Extend should be removed by scrubbing with PAC Remove. Following the re-coat, you should resume daily use of PAC Extend

What Floor Pads Should I Use?
For the best results, the EcoCare pad is recommend for daily maintenance

Can I Leave PAC Extend in the Autoscrubber?
Best practice is to empty and rinse both the solution and recovery tanks when finished. To avoid unnecessary waste, we recommend approximating the volume of solution needed for the task and dispensing only that amount

Can I Hand Mop With PAC Extend?
Yes. Mechanical scrubbing is preferred but hand mopping is also acceptable

Will PAC Extend Yellow or Negatively Affect Floor Finish?
No. Regular cleaning with PAC Extend will only improve the floor’s appearance as it removes soil and repairs minor scratches

Can I Still Use My Current Autoscrubber?
It is recommended to use the recommended pads and Pacific auto scrubbers. Each have unique values that add to obtaining the best results. Using other pads or auto scrubbers will take slightly longer to produce similar results

Can I Use Other Floor Cleaners While Using PAC Extend?
No. Other solutions will undo the benefits of cleaning with PAC Extend and diminish the floor’s appearance and gloss

Can I Still Burnish the Floor?
Using PAC Extend will reduce the necessity for high-speed burnishing by as much as 80%, saving time and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) significantly. For immediate gloss results, the floor can be burnished.

PAC Extend Chemical
562403 PAC Extend Chemical case, 6x 1 Liter
562404 PAC Extend Chemical case, 4x 2 Liter
562405 PAC Extend Chemical case, 2x 5 Liter
20" Auto Scrubber Floor Pads
565914 EcoCare 20" Pad, 10 each/case
28" Auto Scrubber Floor Pads
565913 EcoCare 14" Pad, 10 each/case

For Topical Finished Floors

For Terrazo & Concrete Floors

PAC Transform Chemical
562401 PAC Transform Chemical case, 4x 2 Liter
562402 PAC Transform Chemical case, 2x 5 Liter
20" Auto Scrubber Floor Pads
565905 LUSTR2 20" Pad, 6 each/case
565906 LUSTR3 20" Pad, 6 each/case
565908 Ultra Shine 20" Pad, 5 each/case
565914 EcoCare 20" Pad, 10 each/case
28" Auto Scrubber Floor Pads
565902 LUSTR2 14" Pad, 6 each/caseh
565903 LUSTR3 14" Pad, 6 each/case
565907 Ultra Shine 14" Pad, 5 each/case
565913 EcoCare 14" Pad, 10 each/case
PAC Remove Chemical
562406 PAC Remove Chemical case, 4x 2 Liter
562407 PAC Remove Chemical case, 2x 5 Liter
20" Auto Scrubber Floor Pads
565908 Ultra Shine 20" Pad, 5 each/case
565912 Ultra Prep 20" Pad, 5 each/case
28" Auto Scrubber Floor Pads
565907 Ultra Shine 14" Pad, 5 each/case
565911 Ultra Prep 14" Pad, 5 each/case

Scrub & Recoat with Ultra Shine or Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning with Ultra Prep



Why buy a copy when you can get the original parts – the ones actually used in the machine’s original design work the best. Not only do you get maximum performance, but you also reduce hassle and downtime. Be sure to contact Pacific Floorcare or a local authorized distributor when you need authentic service parts.