Call the Pacific Floorcare® experts when you need any kind of support

Need to get your machine up and running again? Need to order replacement parts? We'd be happy to help set you in the right direction, and resolve any issues you are having.

Additionally, if you'd like assistance with your local representative, we can help connect you!

To look up parts for your machine, check out our manuals page.


Contact Pacific Floorcare® customer service at:

Toll free:
(800) 968-1332 and press option 2 for the first available associate during normal business hours.


Genuine service parts - Purpose Built® to provide max performance.

Why buy a copy when you can get the original parts – the ones actually used in the machine’s design work the best. Not only do you get maximum performance, but you also reduce hassle and downtime. Be sure to contact Pacific Floorcare® or a local authorized distributor when you need authentic service parts.

You can find the part replacement information in the product’s operator and parts manual below by clicking on the machine model name/number.

Alternatively, if you are having trouble troubleshooting your service issue, you can contact Pacific Floorcare®’s tech support for help:


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