Wet acid batteries offer a lot of benefits. Compared to maintenance-free alternatives, wet batteries cost 20-40% less, pack more power for longer run times, and have an increased lifespan. That is, if they always have the proper watering maintenance. Unfortunately, early battery replacement is still the number one cost associated with owning a battery-powered cleaning machine.

Imagine you forgot to water your battery. You and your team have a lot going on, right? We have all been there. Problem is, now your batteries are fried, and replacing them is going to cost a ton.

If you’re frustrated with your wet acid battery, you are not alone. Pacific Floorcare has developed a new automatic battery protection technology for their S-Series scrubbers that makes working with wet batteries a breeze. BatteryShield is now ordered on over 70% of all new machines at Pacific, and with good reason. Here are a few problems BatteryShield can solve for your team:

Problem: It is easy to forget to water the batteries.

Solution: BatteryShield monitors the battery water levels and notifies you with a dashboard light when they need to be watered. Better yet, the scrubber’s scrub brush motors also shut down to ensure that the machine doesn’t continue cleaning with low water batteries. Your operator gets a real-time notification of when the watering needs to happen, and you can rest well knowing that your batteries were protected … and you won’t be receiving a huge unplanned bill!

Problem: Even with training, the battery gets overfilled easily.

Solution: Let’s take the guesswork out of the equation. A key component of BatteryShield is Hydrolink®, a series of specialized battery caps, tubes, and a hand pump that makes filling your battery foolproof. You can watch a video of how it works here, but what you need to know is that Hydrolink guarantees that the batteries get filled to the exact levels prescribed by the battery manufacturer. A perfect fill every time means less downtime and increased efficiency on the floor. And obviously, no more battery acid spills.

Problem: BatteryShield sounds expensive. Can I afford it?

Solution: Think again. BatteryShield is different. In fact, if BatteryShield saves only one battery pack over its lifetime, it will pay for itself. You could keep replacing batteries when the need arises, or you could be saving money for the duration of your floor machine’s life. Plus, if you’re environmentally conscious, replacing batteries less often leads to fewer batteries in our landfills and dumps.

Whether you use one machine or a whole fleet, they have to work when you need them to. BatteryShield is the industry’s best, and only, true line of defense against poor wet battery maintenance. See the results for yourself; download Pacific’s BatteryShield Savings Calculator here.