Chartered by Grand Valley State University, Muskegon Covenant Academy is a high school for students aged 16-22. These students have previously dropped out of school or are at-risk of not graduating. The Academy is tuition-free and accommodates busy schedules and difficult living arrangements. The staff strives to allow students to work at their own pace, while maintaining productive education. First and foremost, the dedicated staff at the Muskegon Covenant Academy focuses on making sure that the students feel that they have a safe place to learn. 

“If they are worried about where they are going to sleep at night or where their next meal is going to come from, our lesson for the day or their homework assignment is the least of their worries,” said one teacher. 

Near 25% of the students at the Academy could be classified as homeless. The worst-case situations vary from floating between homes to not having a home at all. Because of this, the community, staff, and board members knew that something had to be done. A group of local business owners came together and donated nearly $800,000 toward renovating the former Muskegon County Child Haven building to create a home-like environment for students who live without stable living arrangements. Students will be able to stay in the hall temporarily or more permanently – whatever accommodates their needs. 

Pacific Floorcare followed the lead of Hines Corporation, and the attention that Larry Hines dedicated to Covenant Hall and wanted to contribute to their cause. Pacific donated an auto scrubber and a wide area vacuum to ensure ample floor care for the students living at the hall. Employees donated household items that the residents may need, as well as volunteered time for the preparation.

“It’s really amazing to see what can be accomplished when the community comes together.  MCA and Covenant Hall is a truly inspirational place and an incredible story.  Pacific Floorcare is excited to be a very small part of the effort to provide these kids a real opportunity for an education and a potentially life transforming experience.” –Grant Cheney, Pacific Floorcare’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.The opening ceremony was a massive success. Congratulations to the many people involved in making this a successful event.

Special recognitions: 
Jeff Alexander, Mercy Health
State Senator Goeff Hansen 
Larry Hines, Hines Corporation
Portia Kidd, Covenant Hall Director & MCA Homeless Liaison
Sam Joseph, CEO of the Covenant Academies Foundation
Jaason Borom, Muskegon Covenant Academy Student Speaker
Covenant Hall Board of Directors:  Jim Fisher, Dave Sipka, Asaline Scott, and Donna Secor-Pennington